“What has emerged from the London Distillery Company is Dodd’s Gin and we’ll confess that we’re mightily impressed. Dodd’s Gin is something discernibly different in a crowded market place. Not just another gin. It’s the perfect example of a team producing something that’s both good & different and in doing so, The London Distillery Company really showcases the difference between cashing in on a category and adding to it.”
The Gin Foundry

The London Distillery Company

The London Distillery Company is a distillery based in a former Victorian dairy cold room in Battersea, London. TLDC produce English Whisky, London Gin and British spirits, compounds and cordials.

The company was founded in 2011 by Darren Rook, and former microbrewery owner, Nick Taylor. TLDC is London’s first whisky distillery since the Lea Valley distillery closed in 1903.

Dodds Gin

It’s exceptionally rare for a gin distillery to go to the effort and expense of sourcing the finest organic botanicals. Yet here the botanicals – which include Juniper and Angelica along with fresh lime peel, red raspberry, bay laurel, and cardamom – are organic, as is the base spirit. Dodd’s London roots are celebrated by the inclusion of local honey, straight from the rooftops of London.

Dodd’s is a unique marriage of two separate distillations; the bulk of the botanicals are distilled in a relatively small copper alembic still called Christina while the distillation of the more delicate botanicals (such as raspberry leaf) take place in a small, bespoke ‘Cold Vacuum’ still christened Little Albion. The two spirits are blended for several weeks before bottling. Founder Darren Rook’s attention to detail extends to exquisite individually numbered, letterpress labels, which are printed on an old Heidelberg press and attached to each bottle by hand. These labels further establish Dodd’s environmental credentials – the beautiful paper stock is carbon neutral and was made using only wind power. This is gin (and presentation) at its very finest and most sustainable.

Kew Gin

For the gifted Dodd’s folk to be given the unique opportunity to forage through the world’s finest botanic gardens in order to create a unique new Gin, it was pretty obvious that something memorable was afoot. The result is Kew Organic, a remarkable gin that is slightly less Juniper driven than Dodd’s, if no less textural or complex. The aromas and flavours take their cue from a complex botanical bill that incudes five types of citrus and an array of foraged plants rarely tasted in distilled spirits, including santolina, also known a cotton lavender, lavender flower, and passion flower.

Founded in 1759, today the Royal Botanic Gardens of Kew, London, is today home to the largest collection of rare and treasured plants in the world. It’s from this Unesco Heritage Site that Darren Rook and his team have been working with Kew’s dedicated botanists and archivists to create this unique, limited edition spirit. Using hand picked seasonal flora and the finest organic botanicals from around the world, the gin is crafted from four separate distillation recipes. It is distilled in Dodd’s 140 litre copper alembic, Cristina, at their current digs in Southwark, SE1 near Tower Bridge. Like it’s cousin, Dodd’s, it a gin for drinkers that, above all, appreciate the highest quality craft spirits.

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