New distributor in town!

Hey! Welcome, and thanks for clicking around.

If you haven’t heard of us before, that could perfectly well be. We’re a new distributor in town, aiming to contribute to the German market. As you can see our assortment is currently pretty much based on Mexican products, with a beautiful range of Mezcals complemented by Ancho Reyes and Tequila Arette. Although we love agaves, we’ll probably diversify a bit in the future. But for now, we pretty much like it this way, taking of slowly by spreading our love for our products.

But who are we? Well, as you have noticed this post isn’t written in German. We’d really like to, but the German grammar is as challenging as convincing the average German that there’s a difference between tequila and tequila, if you know what we mean.. Anyway, Barrel Brothers GmbH was founded in 2016 by us, two Dutch guys who have both been working in the Spirit business for some time now. Living and looking around in Germany for a while, we realised it’s a market where we could both have a lot of fun while making a serious contribution to the market. We found that some categories are under-appreciated compared to other neighbouring markets, and that the better gastronomy can’t always obtain the good spirits they’d like to have.

So we’re on a mission, and we’d like to see ourselves as evangelists of good spirits. Our goal is to establish a close connection with our customers, and working as a link between our selected producers and our professional customers.

Like to get in touch with us? Please! Send us an E-mail or give us a ring at 089 2008 6216.

All the best,
the Barrel Brothers

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